On Sunday, we set off bright and early for Tankersley Manor, ready to shoot the wedding of Louise & Phil! Although it looked doubtful the night before, the sun was shining in South Yorkshire and the ground was dry, which was a treat indeed! 

We arrived with plenty of time to capture Louise getting her hair and make up done, and also in time for the breakfast buffet next door! After seeing to a few croissants and some crunchy nut, we cracked on with photographing the day.

There were many beautiful details to focus on, which is my favourite part! I love seeing the flowers, the dress, the shoes… HER SHOES! Now, we’ve racked up quite a few weddings now, and I’ve seen a lot of nice wedding shoes, but Louise had taken it to the next level. She was going to be strutting down the isle in… Converse!

Personalised Converse, may I add. They were so cool, and practical too! The last thing you want on your wedding day are blisters, and I’m fairly sure Louise dodged that bullet. I will definitely be looking in to personalised Converse in the future.

The flowers were also beautiful; a gorgeous mix of peach and purple, with magenta button holes to match.

The atmosphere was pretty relaxed in the bridal room, but you could tell Louise was a little bit nervous, as expected! After she was facially ready came the task of her getting in to her dress. I have never seen it take this long for a bride to get in to her dress! I know fish tails are known to be a little tricky to get on, but this took almost an hour with two helpers! It was quite comical though, and I got some good photos that are probably best kept off social media…

After an hour or so, Marcus headed down to see the Groom’s party arrive. It was just me, Louise & her best friend from there on in! We waited patiently for the call that she had been waiting for; the hotel staff telling her that they were ready for her… We made our way down!

Louise looked lovely. Her fishtail dress had an elegant bow and a beautiful train to follow. You could see the excitement in her eyes, one of the best things to witness. We waited a few minutes longer for everyone to get seated, and then it was time! An instrumental version of Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ started playing on the sound system, and I think that’s when it all felt real for Louise. She walked gracefully down the isle, (in her Converse, don’t forget), with her Father by her side. It was a lovely ceremony, with a decent sized audience! 

The cake was very impressive. Made by the Groom’s sister, it consisted of 3 tiers, and marzipan figurines of the happy couple, not forgetting their pet budgies and guinea pigs! When I heard that she wasn’t actually a professional, I was shocked, and immediately felt the need to strike up a friendship with this casual cake-baking goddess. 

The speeches were spoken and the champagne had been drank, and it was almost time for the evening do! I had been informed earlier in the day that there would be a pick ’n’ mix cart, but I hadn’t prepared myself for the quality and size of it! I love sweets, in fact I have a bit of a sugar problem, so this literally made my day. We photographers work long days, and sometimes you need a bit/1kg of sugar to keep you going. It was perfect! And also accompanied by fairy lights, another favourite of mine. There were also evening cupcakes, and there really are no words to describe them, but I’ll give it a go. Now, I’ve eaten a hell of a lot of cupcakes in my time, but these were the best I’ve ever tasted! It was too difficult to choose between the cherry bakewell, chocolate orange and the vanilla, so we tried all three. I told you I have a problem. But seriously, they were so moist and flavoursome, and I need that baker’s number pronto. 

The night was in full swing, and our Photo Booth-style approach to the guestbook was becoming very popular! A few weeks ago, we bought a Canon Selphy CP910 and a bag full of fancy dress props to trial out at this wedding. The plan was to pop the photos in the guestbook and have guests write their message to the newlyweds next to it. This was actually Louise & Phil’s idea, and it worked a treat! Guests loved having their photos with silly props, and being able to see them printed out there and then. We’re now working on building a proper photo booth, so watch this space…

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day at Tankersley Manor, it was a lot of fun! Thanks Louise & Phil, (mainly for the sweets…), and enjoy your 1 month trek around Japan!