When we were asked to photograph a wedding in my hometown of Derby, we jumped at the chance! Having lived there since I was born, I had always heard stories about the lovely Breadsall Priory and what a beautiful place it is. Strangely enough, I had never been, and this was the perfect chance to visit.

We had met up with Chloe & Paul quite a few times prior to their wedding day, so we knew exactly what they wanted. As always, Marcus started the morning with Paul and myself with Chloe. It seems it was a very relaxed atmosphere with both parties, which set a nice mood to the start of the day.

It was easy for us to both go about photographing the getting ready process as I think they both felt so comfortable that they forgot we were there! Which is always good for us, as it means we can get all the little sneaky shots we want without feeing like we’re in the way.

Luckily, the weather was perfect for a wedding – and for us photographers! Not too sunny, but bright enough to cast a lovely light over our subjects. We took full advantage of using outside for photographs, and the Groomsmen took advantage of the beer garden!

The Groomsmen got to Breadsall Priory about an hour before us, just to check everything was in order.

Meanwhile, Chloe and her Bridesmaids were adding the finishing touches to their outfits and waiting for the cars to arrive. Now I’m not a huge fan of cars, but these were pretty special!

I’ve said this before, but I’m not a flower girl either, however I loved Chloe’s choice of lilies. The vibrance was simply stunning against her clean white dress. When her car arrived, I got in to mine and followed them to Breadsall Priory. I was excited to shoot a wedding at such a vast and gorgeous venue. When we arrived, Chloe’s Bridesmaids were ready and waiting for her, and I could tell she was extremely excited, although a little nervous, (as expected!).

When it was time, the couple walked down the isle and said ‘I do’. It was a lovely ceremony, in a grand room with a huge bay window looking out on to the grounds of Breadsall Priory.

After the ceremony, all of the guests gathered outside ready to sprinkle confetti over the newlyweds.

After Chloe & Paul had greeted and spoken to everyone briefly, we whisked them off around the grounds of Breadsall Priory to capture them as a newly married couple. We like to do this fairly soon after the ceremony so that we can get it done efficiently, and so that people aren’t worrying about the formal photos later in the day. We were spoilt for choice with locations at this venue, which is always a good thing!

After we were all happy with the portraits, we let Chloe & Paul rejoin their wedding party whilst we went and photographed the wedding breakfast room. Again, we like to do this before people arrive so that we can get close up shots of all the little details that would otherwise be missed,

On each table, there were cards titled ‘I Spy’, with a list of scenarios that Chloe & Paul wanted their guests to photograph. I thought this was an excellent idea, and a really unique way to get a few more photos from the special day.

When the wedding breakfast was finished, the room was turned around for the evening do. Chloe had mentioned that there was going to be a magician, so me & Marcus were quite excited about that! When he arrived, we spoke to him for a while and he showed us a few tricks! I love magic as it always amazes me and leaves me intrigued as to how it’s done, but of course they never tell.

The guests were clearly impressed with the magical display, and the night got in to full swing. We always love this part, as it’s when everyone tends to have a drink and let their guards down! The couple had their first dance and then the floor soon filled up.

Although we love all the weddings we do, this venue was definitely one of our favourites so far. It was in a beautiful setting, out of the way, but not too far, and the grounds were stunning; making gorgeous photographs for the day. I can’t believe I’ve lived so close to it for so long and never been! I would highly recommend Breadsall Priory as a wedding venue to anyone looking for a place in the Derbyshire area. Chloe & Paul were a delight to work with on the day, and we love the photographs that we got from it, as we know they do!