It’s not often you get to photograph one of your good friend’s weddings, but that’s what we did last April at Pencoed House in Cardiff!

I met Amy about five years ago, whilst traveling around New Zealand. We had an instant bond, continued our trip together, and have kept in touch ever since. I was delighted when she asked us if we would photograph her wedding day, and of course, I jumped at the chance!

I’d met Rhys a few times before when visiting Amy at home in Cardiff, and from the get go I could tell he was one of the most kind-hearted people I’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

We were very excited about visiting Pencoed House, as I’d been previously to scout out the location, and it was beautiful. As always, Marcus went over to accompany Rhys in the morning, who was staying at his parents house the previous night. 

groomsman writing speech
wedding morning champagne
wedding morning champagne
groom getting ready wedding morning
wedding vows

I met Amy at her hotel close by, and the morning got well underway. It made a nice change to be a little more involved in the wedding, in terms of knowing people and being able to have a laugh without distracting the bridal party.

father of the bride wedding morning
flower girl wedding morning

The atmosphere was great, and although I’ve seen Amy in many stressful circumstances, she seemed fine! Her family were all lovely, and her little niece was there too to give everyone some light entertainment! Watching Amy get ready for her wedding day was so lovely, as I could see how excited she was, and how long she’d anticipated this day for. 

wedding dress hanging
brides wedding shoes
bride getting ready wedding morning
wedding rings
groomsmen drinking wedding morning
wedding car
bride getting ready wedding morning

When everyone was ready, we got in the cars and made our way to Pencoed House. The drive was so pretty, as we made our way down the winding road to the venue. The grounds were absolutely stunning, taking note of where we would do the portraits later on.

The room they had prepared for the ceremony was small and intimate, yet decorated very elegantly, with a lot of attention to detail. It looked amazing, and very homely. The colours worked really well together, and the natural light was perfect. When the guests had taken their seats, Amy’s little flower girl started things by making her entrance.

wedding venue pencoed house
wedding chairs pencoed house
wedding venue pencoed house
wedding pencoed house flower girl

You could tell she had won her audience over! Rhys waited eagerly at the end of the isle, and then Amy entered. It was a lovely ceremony, with a nice addition of a reading from Rhys’ sisters. 

The happy couple said ‘I do’, and then were met with a huge round of applause and congratulations for their walk back down the isle as a married couple. Everyone gathered outside with a glass of champagne, ready to throw the confetti over the newly weds.

wedding pencoed house bride and groom
bride and groom newly wed
bride and groom drinking champagne

After a few minutes socialising, Amy & Rhys got in their wedding car and went for a short drive together. We thought this idea was really nice, as it gave the couple some quality time together straight away, although probably not as long as they would have liked! 

wedding rolls royce
bride and groom car
father of the bride and flower girl

Upon their return, we whisked them away to get their portraits before they had the wedding breakfast. Having already scouted out the location, it didn’t take long to get some gorgeous, natural shots of Amy & Rhys. Punched House really is the perfect intimate wedding venue.

bride and groom portrait
bride and groom portrait pencoed house
bride and groom portrait
bride pencoed house

It was then time for the wedding breakfast, which we were looking forward to as we actually had a spot at the table! Had we not been photographing the wedding, we still would have been guests, so it was really nice to be able to enjoy both aspects. The food was delicious, and afterwards came the speeches. There was a lot of laughter and some very funny stories indeed, and it was clear everyone was enjoying themselves very much.

wedding speech father of the bride
grooms sisters

When the breakfast was over, there was a short break whilst the room was prepared for the evening. We took this time to get some shots of Pencoed House, and some of the details in the wedding. My personal favourite was the wooden frame pictured below, where guests could write a little note on a wooden heart, and post it for Amy & Rhys to read later. I thought this was a great idea, and something that they can even keep on display at home as a way to remember their special day. 

wedding notes from guests

When the room was ready, the guests filtered back in to the main room to watch the first dance. The night then got going as more and more guests arrived, and the room certainly filled up! The live band were playing their versions of classic hits and everyone was loving it, which was clear from the sheer amount of dancing going on!

wedding reception couple dancing
bride and groom first dance
wedding reception drunken groomsmen
bride and groom first dance

We eventually packed up and relaxed for a little while, but we couldn’t stay for too long as we had to drive back to Sheffield! Although it was a three and a half hour drive, it didn’t seem that long as we were on such a high from a great day. It was a true pleasure to photography Amy & Rhys’ wedding, and we can’t recommend Pencoed House highly enough to anyone thinking of getting married in the Cardiff area. 

Watching your friend getting married is a beautiful thing in itself, but being able to document it for them made it that little bit more special.