Two weeks ago, we had a wonderful day out in the Peaks for their Engagement shoot with our Bride and Groom to be, Hannah and Alex. We went up to Curbar Edge nice and early and took full advantage of the stunning views. Luckily the weather was perfect, and we didn’t get a drop of rain all day.

We offer Engagement shoots to our couples for a few reasons: Firstly, it’s a nice introduction and allows them to feel at ease with us. Secondly, it lets them know what to expect on their big day, and thirdly… It’s a good laugh!

Hannah and Alex are a really lovely couple, and certainly aren’t shy, but they had their reservations about having their photos taken. I think a lot of couples get nervous about the thought of someone taking their photo all day. You have to actively remember that you’re being photographed, and are constantly trying to make sure that your eyes remain open, or that you don’t have a double chin. It’s hard work! But we like to work in the background. We capture the couples when they’re not looking. When they think we’ve taken a break, but really we’re just waiting for them to relax.

We also like to give couples their space. On their wedding day, we won’t hound them for photographs, as we know they need to enjoy their day and socialise with their guests. Much like we would on their wedding day, we let the couples be alone for a while on the engagement shoot. This allows them to spend some time together and enjoy their surroundings. Some of our best photos come from oblivious brides and grooms!

We spent a full day in the Peaks with Hannah and Alex, and it was a lot of fun. We took them to several different locations, and used the landscape fully. Engagement shoots are as much about the couple feeling comfortable in front of the camera as they are feeling comfortable with us; as their photographers. We try to have a very relaxed relationship with our clients, and we like to treat them more like friends than customers. Wedding days are excellent days and these shoots help to put their minds at rest and let them know that there really is nothing to worry about!