A few weeks ago, we had the absolute pleasure of photographing the wedding of Angie & Dave at the stunning venue of Wood Hall  in Wetherby. Neither of us had been to Wetherby previously, so when we went to scout out the location before hand, we were blown away. Wood Hall is tucked away down a long winding road, with huge rolling fields and a beautiful hotel & spa. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was going to be a good one!

We arrived around 2pm, with the wedding taking place at 3:30pm. We were directed to the rooms of the Bride and Groom by the Wood Hall staff, who were extremely helpful and lovely throughout our visit. Upon my arrival, it was clear that Angie was a little nervous! Her friends and daughter were also getting ready with her, and although there were nerves, it was a pretty laid back atmosphere.

Angie’s father arrived at the room during this time, and he was showing some nerves too! He was a little worried about his speech, but we all told him to calm down and that he would be fine, (which he was!). The rest of the girls left and Angie and her Dad were left alone, waiting for the call to go down. This was a nice time to catch a few moments between just the two of them, (and to have a sherry to calm the nerves!).

After a long and nerve-wracking wait, Angie was called down. We made our way down the winding staircase, one of Wood Hall’s beautiful features. We waited eagerly outside the door to the room where she would soon say ‘I do’.

The ceremony itself was lovely and you could see the love between Angie & Dave. You could tell all of their friends and family were ecstatic for them finally tying the knot, and it was so nice to see.

Afterwards, everyone made their way outside to the beautiful sunshine where glasses were filled and confetti was thrown. The excitement from the guests was evident and the atmosphere was buzzing. After a little mingling, we took Angie & Dave into the grounds of Wood Hall to get some portraits of the newlyweds.

Everything was then being turned around for the evening do, so we snook in to the room to get a head start. Once again, this wedding involved a Pick ‘n’ Mix cart, which, of course, I was ecstatic about! (They seem to be a staple in weddings these days, which is absolutely fine by me).

The room filled with guests and the speeches began. There was a lot of good memories and also a fair amount of cringing involved!

Now, the next part is what we were most excited for. When we first met up with Angie & Dave, they had sworn us to secrecy with their plan for their first dance. It was a choreographed routine!! I, for one, have never been so excited to see a first dance, so we couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for their audience. They had a huge mix up of songs, which were titled on all of the tables.

It was amazing!! It was also obvious that no one was expecting it at all! There were a lot of shocked faces in the audience, and they did a great job with the routine. It must have been so hard to remember something so precise in such a nerve-wracking moment. Shortly after, the dance floor filled up and all the guests got in the spirit of dancing.

We had a great day and it was clear Angie & Dave did too. Wood Hall is a beautiful venue for a wedding, hidden away in the countryside, and the views are incredible. We couldn’t have asked for a lovelier couple. Cheers!