On a sunny Saturday in July, we photographed the wedding of Hannah and Jake at Hirst Priory, Cowle. And by sunny, I mean HOT. It was VERY hot. But what a gorgeous day for a white wedding! Jake wasn’t too bothered about photos of him in the morning, so we both headed to Hannah’s Mum’s house to start the day off. Hannah seemed… Relaxed!

Hannah’s two Bridesmaids were also there getting ready, and of course, their little boy William, who seemed to want to grab everything in sight! All of the girls were pretty chilled, which made the perfect atmosphere for us to snap away without intrusion.

We had quite a bit of time to photograph before we had to leave for the church, so that was nice. It meant we could take our time and get some really sneaky shots. Hannah still seemed quite calm at this point, so we got her in her dress and made sure everyone else was ready. The church was literally round the corner, so being late wasn’t really an option!

We arrived at the church just before Hannah, to make sure we got a shot of her getting out of the car. I think nerves were slowly creeping up on her at this point, but we knew she’d be fine! The ceremony went very smoothly; it was a great turnout and the church was so beautiful. 

After the confetti was thrown, Hannah and Jake got in to their car and headed for Hirst Priory. We had only been to Hirst Priory once before, when we met Hannah and Jake initially and they showed us around. But it looked completely different this time! They had decorated it so beautifully, it was stunning. There were drinks and canapés on arrival, the sun was still shining and everyone was in an excellent mood.

Whilst everyone was enjoying a drink, this was the perfect opportunity for me to get a sneaky peak of the room. The cake! Oh my gosh the cake. I could smell it from across the room, and I’m not even exaggerating. The white chocolate frosting pulled me in and I spent a good five minutes staring straight at it. It was a four tiered creation of beauty, each layer being a different flavour. Most girls get excited about the Bride’s wedding dress, but for me, it’s the cake. Always the cake.

We gave Hannah and Jake some time with their friends and family before whisking them off for portraits around the grounds of Hirst Priory. There are lots of lovely little spots for photographs… Even down in the cellar!

After the portraits were done, the guests sat down for the speeches. There were a lot of laughs, and heads in hands!

After the wedding breakfast, the staff at Hirst Priory changed the room around for the evening. There was music outside provided by Native American Pan Pipe players, which was ace! But my favourite part was… The pick ‘n’ mix! This had to be the widest selection of confectionary I have seen at a wedding to date, it was fantastic. There were marshmallows, rhubarb and custards, lollipops, chocolate buttons, donuts MADE OF CHOCOLATE, I could go on…

A lot of the guests were socialising outside as it was such a beautiful evening, but when the evening entertainment arrived, that all changed! After the first dance, there was a barn dance! It was like being back at school doing country dancing, it was a lot of fun. There was a man ‘instructing’ people what to do, and it was clear everyone was enjoying themselves. We had lots of fun photographing this wedding, and the staff at Hirst Priory were lovely. Hazel, the manager, was very helpful throughout the whole day. It really is a gorgeous venue to hold a wedding reception, and hopefully we’ll be back soon for another!