Well we’ve never shot a wedding in a library before, but there’s a first for everything! Sian & Tristan tied the knot at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth,and it was a pleasure to shoot.

With the wedding taking place on the Saturday, we drove down on the Friday to make a weekend of it. It’s not often we get chance to sneak a cheeky holiday in there, so we thought we should take advantage of that! This meant we could have a day to relax and explore before the Welsh – Canadian wedding.

My only experience of Wales before this weekend was Cardiff, which is obviously very different to the coast. It was all so pretty and quaint! We stayed in a little cottage that we found on AirBnB just 20 minutes from Aberaeron, where Sian’s parents’ holiday home was located. This was where she would be getting ready on the day. Meanwhile, Tristan was in The Harbourmaster Hotel just round the corner.


Sian and her four bridesmaids were all at the salon across the road when I arrived, so I went there to get some photos of them having their hair and make up done. They had plenty of time, as the wedding wasn’t until 3pm, so everything was pretty relaxed.

When the girls were done, we went back across the road to Sian’s parents’ house where they continued to get ready. The champagne was flowing, nerves were building up, but Sian’s mum, Sally, had prepared a lovely brunch for us all. We still had another hour or so before we had to leave for the National Library of Wales, so again, nothing was rushed.

I was in awe of Sian’s flowers, as I had never seen them before, (I though there were leeks at first!) But they looked awesome with her dress, which was made and worn by her Grandmother at her own wedding, and then Sian’s mum wore it at hers too. I thought this was so lovely!

When everyone was ready, we made our way to the National Library of Wales in convoy. It took about half an hour to get there, but the beautiful views kept us occupied along the way. The sun was shining, and it was warm, so everyone was happy! All the guests piled in and the ceremony went underway. Sian & Tristan said their vows, (in English and Welsh!) and there were a few readings from family and friends.

The couple made an exit to plenty of confetti, then we did the group shots before nipping off on our own for a few portraits. We did a couple at the National Library of Wales, then we made our way to the reception, Llanerchaeron, stopping at the harbour en route for a few more shots – we had to take advantage of that beautiful scenery!

After abusing the sunset, we finally got to Llanerchaeron, where the guests were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Mr & Mrs Bradley. There were canapés, the room was decorated so wonderfully, and the cake was a Battenberg Jenga!! (Yes, full sized Battenberg’s arranged as Jenga…) I was absolutely amazed. There were also homemade Welsh Cakes, which were exquisite.

The food was eaten, the drinks refilled and the speeches were made, which were VERY funny, might I add. Sian & Tris had their first dance, and then everyone got up on to the dance floor! The party was in full swing and everyone was having a lot of fun, including us! Since we were staying the night, it was nice to stay a bit later on in to the night. But we finally called it a day and made our way back to our little cottage, in the pitch black! It was an awesome wedding guys, thanks for letting us be part of it!