Ben & Jenna recently tied the knot at Ox Pasture Hall, and what a lovely day it was! Ben used to be my manager, so it was really nice to be able photograph his wedding for him. We drove up to Hull in the morning and each went to their houses: Ben in their own home and Jenna at her Mum’s house, just round the corner.

I arrived with plenty of time for photos. Thankfully, the house was beautifully huge, so lots of room to move around! Jenna’s Mum was there, along with her daughter and two bridesmaids.

Meanwhile, Marcus had travelled up to Ox Pasture Hall with Ben to sort out the finishing touches for the day.

We still had quite a bit of time before we had to leave for Ox Pasture Hall, so there was no rush for photos. Everything just sort of flowed nicely; nothing rushed.

When it was finally time to leave, we got in our cars and made our way to Scarborough! I went ahead in my car to ensure I arrived before Jenna. It took about an hour to get there, but it was a beautiful drive, and a lovely day. The sun was shining and I was singing my heart out to Taylor Swift. What could be better?

Luckily, I arrived at Ox Pasture Hall quite a while before Jenna, so had some time to scout around and find Marcus! We’d been to visit the venue the week before, so knew our way around, but the sun had turned to cloud and it was looking like the outdoor ceremony wouldn’t be possible. We waited around for a bit to see what the weather would do, whilst getting some shots of the wedding breakfast room.

Jenna’s sister had made the wedding cake, and it looked spectacular. She had also hand made some raspberry ripple macarons, which, I must admit, were probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted. We probably ate about 15 between us…

Jenna arrived a short while later, and the clouds had cleared up enough for the ceremony to go ahead outside! We helped the staff move the chairs outside for speed and got ready for action!

Although a little blustery, the ceremony was lovely! The Ox Pasture Hall staff did their best to ensure the wedding took place outside, like Ben & Jenna wanted, and it all turned out perfectly. Afterwards, like usual, we gave Ben & Jenna a few moments together, then took them away from their guests to get some shots of the newly married couple.

It was strange taking such serious photos of Ben when I’d only ever known him as my funny manager, but it was nice because they’re such a lovely couple. The surroundings of Ox Pasture Hall were beautiful, so we were spoilt for choice with scenery.

Afterwards came the wedding breakfast, and then the speeches. Wow. I won’t elaborate because it was highly inappropriate, (in the best way), but let’s just say I learned a few things about Ben that I didn’t need to know! It was extremely funny, the champagne was flowing and everyone had a good laugh.

After the speeches, the staff prepared the room for the evening. The DJ arrived, and we set up a mini photo booth outside with props. This kept the guests busy whilst waiting for the evening do.

When the rest of the guests arrived, everyone gathered round the dance floor to watch the couple’s first dance.

We had an awesome time at your wedding Ben & Jenna, and we hope you like the photos as much as we do!