Well, what a wedding this was! Hannah & Alex got married in Cambridge and had a traditional church wedding, but the reception was at South Farm; a beautiful, unique venue. Having previously visited South Farm with the couple, we had a good idea of what it was going to be like. We were really excited as it was going to be a country-chic wedding, so lots of tweed!

As the wedding was in Cambridge, we stayed over the night before so we could be with both the Bride and Groom from the start. I went to Hannah at her parents’ house, and Marcus to Alex, who was already at South Farm. The house was busy when I arrived, with make up and hair already in action, and everything was a bit hectic! But thankfully, Hannah had made a running order of the day, (literally with five minute markers. I found this equally helpful and amusing!)

Whilst I was caught in the midst of hair spray and prosecco, Marcus was having a whale of a time with the lads at South Farm… Playing with the pigs! (Actual pigs. Not the groomsmen).

I sort of floated between all of the rooms in the house, as there was something going on in most of them! I like doing this, as I can capture the important moments without really being noticed.

We left for the church a while later; Hannah a little bit nervous now! We attended the rehearsal the day before, so I knew how much she was looking forward to it. She was very emotional then, so I wondered what she would be like today, (nerves and excitement make the best photos!) I went ahead of her with the bridesmaids, leaving her and her Dad alone together for the last time before his little girl would become a married woman.

Alex had given Hannah a letter to read before going in to the church, so I left her alone to read that, (after getting a quick photo!) She finally stepped out of the car, and she looked absolutely beautiful. Her dress was just like a princess’s, and she definitely looked the part. You could see the pride in her Dad’s eyes.

The ceremony was done very nicely, with handmade bits and bobs decorating the church that Hannah had been making since we first met them when they hired us, two years ago! Afterwards, we took Hannah & Alex to the nature reserve opposite South Farm for their portraits. Unfortunately it was VERY windy, so we didn’t spend as long there as we could have done, but enough time to get some beautiful shots of the newly weds.

We gave Hannah & Alex back to their guests and snuck off to photograph the reception room. The staff at South Farm were all very helpful, especially the wedding planner, Ali, who kept us updated with the schedule for the day. The room was so, so pretty. It was clear how much time and effort Hannah & Alex had spent on it. Again, handmade bunting and decorations filled the room, and it looked spectacular. They had even made origami fortune tellers for each table, just like the one you played in school! This took me back to my childhood, and I loved it.

Hannah & Alex didn’t go for the traditional wedding breakfast… They had their guests carve the meat! I really liked this approach as it was a lot more relaxed, and we got some good photos from it! The speeches were then made, and everyone had a good laugh.

When the room was turned around, the party started, and since we were staying over again, we also enjoyed a drink! (After getting all of the important photos, of course!)

When the dancing and drinking was done and it was time for bed, the couple exited to an aisle of sparklers held by their guests. This was awesome, and made for great photos, even if it was a bit dark!

We had an ace day and night, and it was clear that Hannah & Alex did too, as well as all of their guests. The couple put us up in one of South Farms’ Romanian Gyspy Caravans on site, which was amazing! It was probably the comfiest bed we’ve ever slept in, and was so nice of them to sort it out for us.

Staying the night meant that we could go back to Hannah’s parent’s house the next day with all of the family to chill, and get a few more informal photos. There was catering too, and all of the food was delicious! It was nice to see both Hannah & Alex in a more relaxed environment, and now happily married!

We wish you all of the happiness in the world guys!