When Liv and Joel asked us to photograph their wedding, I was quite moved. Liv and I were best friends throughout secondary school, and, for years, were inseparable. We grew up and grew apart as friends do, but kept in touch via social media. When she asked if Marcus and I would be their wedding photographers, I was honoured. I couldn’t believe that she wanted me to do it, and I couldn’t wait to see one of my childhood best friends get married; and be the one to document it!

Having not seen Liv for years and having never met Joel before, we arranged to meet them both prior to the wedding, like we always do, to go over what they wanted from the day. It was lovely to see Liv again and Joel was so charming; I approved! They told us they were having two ceremonies: the legal ceremony, at Biggin Hall, where only a select few would see them say ‘I do’, and then a commitment ceremony and the reception, at New House Farm, where all other family and friends would unite to see them relay their vows. I was excited when I heard that the reception was at New House Farm, as it is owned by Liv’s Uncle, and I have fond and funny memories of us there when we were younger!

It was an early start, so I got to Liv for 7am and Marcus to Joel for the same time. Liv was getting ready at her parent’s house, just round the corner from my parent’s home. It was quite emotional going back to a house that I had spent many teenage years in, but in a lovely way. It was so nice to see her parents after all these years!

As soon as I arrived, Liv was already having her hair done, so I got stuck in with the photos immediately.

Liv’s dress was beautiful, and exactly how I had imagined it would be. Off-white, elegant and simple, with floating lace. I pondered over asking to try it on, but thought that might be one step too far. (Joking…) The hair was also stunning on both Liv and her Bridesmaids.

When hair and make up was complete, we moved upstairs for the big task of getting in to the dress, (and it was quite a task!) Meanwhile, Marcus was photographing the boys’ antics.

When everyone was ready, we headed off to Biggin Hall for the official ceremony. It was a nice little drive through to Ashbourne, and a camper van had been hired to take the Bridal party; it was awesome!

We got to the venue and there were sunflowers everywhere! Twisted Willow florists did a great job, it looked amazing. Liv & Joel’s dog, Willow, was also the ring bearer, so she was there too! This excited me and Marcus a little too much when we found out, as we love dogs and she was adorable.

With the small group eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride, everyone was excited and ready for the big moment. I made my way down to the gazebo where it would take place, and got a good vantage point; Marcus on the other side. Liv, looking absolutely beautiful, floated down the steps and the look on Joel’s face was delightful.

The ceremony was so nice, and Willow was very well behaved! It was lovely to have such a small group of friends and family there to see them get married, as it was very intimate. There were a couple of readings too, which were very touching. After Liv & Joel were pronounced Husband and Wife, everyone made their way back up the steps to Biggin Hall.

It was now time to make our way to New House Farm for the commitment ceremony. We left just before so we were ahead, and could get plenty of photos of the set up before everyone arrived. It was only a twenty minute or so drive, so not too far at all. Liv & Joel had mentioned previously that they were having a huge teepee for the reception, so we were looking forward to seeing it. I’d spoken to Liv the day before when it was being put up and it sounded a bit stressful! It definitely paid off though as the guys at Papakata made sure everything was just the way they wanted, and, along with all the decorations Liv’s family had made, it looked incredible.

The commitment ceremony was held in the quarry of New House Farm. With a huge rock face, and plenty of grass for the guests, it was very picturesque. One of Joel’s best men conducted the ceremony, which was a nice touch. The sun was shining, and even more family and friends spilled in to the field to watch the newlyweds declare their love for one another.

After the ceremony, we left Liv & Joel to talk to their guests for a while. Weddings are crazily busy days and sometimes things can become more of a a chore than an enjoyment. This is why we like to keep ourselves in the background and make as little fuss as possible. They had allotted some ‘chill out’ time in their day anyway, so this certainly helped keep things calm. The sun was still beaming, Pimms was being served; everyone was chatting away and enjoying the day.

Shortly after, everyone moved in to the teepee for the wedding breakfast. Iron Bridge Catering supplied meat boards, which looked delicious! There was a ‘head chef’ at each table that collected the board and took it in for the others, again making things more informal and fun. The food was very much enjoyed, and then the speeches were given. It was hilarious hearing stories about both Liv & Joel, and there were plenty of embarrassing ones!

When it was time for the first dance, everyone gathered round the dance floor to watch the happy couple. Fairy lights filled the room and it felt quite magical.

It was a true privilege to photograph Liv & Joel’s day at New House Farm. It meant so much to me that she asked us to do it, and we loved every minute of it. The venue was perfect, and the day was so enjoyable; it didn’t feel like we were at work! You both make an ace couple, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!